How to Work Free and Purchased leads

What are Free and Purchased Leads: 

These are leads that are generated through a marketing company that advertises and generates leads and then sells the leads that they generate. This is a great option for our team members who:

1. Would like to invest a little into their business. If you're not there yet, no worries, just focus on working the free methods like many of us did when we were new. 
2. For those who want to start talking to people right away and need leads quickly. 
3. For those who have started advertising on places like free classifieds, social media, etc. and just haven't generated enough leads to have the recommended 3-5 new conversations per day.

If you fall into one of those three categories, working with purchased leads can be a great option for you!

Working with purchased leads is a pretty simple process. Here are five simple steps to work purchased leads:

1. Order leads: We have three recommended lead sources to order from here on the FAHT,, and 

On, we recommend working with the .10 Internet Short Form Leads. However, there are also .1, .3, and .5 leads available.  

On, you will receive 100 Real Time leads for $15.

On, there is a super value pack where you can get 660 leads for $69. There is also a smaller pack where you can get 240 leads for $45.

Here are a few free lead sources:

2. Email: Right when you receive your lead order, the first thing you need to do is email your leads. The email provides them with basic information about our company and working with AmeriPlan and prompts them to request an interview through your site. This makes the lead even higher quality and will also initiate the autoresponders in your Focal Point email marketing system. We have email templates that you can use, (See bottom of this page for email templates).  You can just copy and paste those templates into an email, add your personal information and send. 

3. Text: Right after you email your leads, send them a quick text message.

Texting is a method that we have been having really great results with lately. Everyone texts these days. It's convenient and you can do it from anywhere... at home, while you're watching TV, while you're sitting in the car pick up line at school waiting to pick up your kids, waiting at a doctor appointment, etc. You can print out your lead list and bring it with you. 

The text message is very basic and introduces yourself and provides your lead with a couple resources to start researching our work at home opportunity. Here is an example of a text message that you can use: (Just copy and paste this message, you do not need to type it out each time)

Hi Mary, My name is ___________ with AmeriPlan. I received your request for information regarding working at home with our benefits company. You can listen to a recorded Career Overview call at 760-569-1331 which goes over full details about working with our company. You can also read details online at (ENTER YOUR WEBSITE HERE). After reviewing the details, you can reach me at this number (by call or text) with any questions you have. Looking forward to speaking with you soon! Have a beautiful day!

Some people will text you back and thank you for the information. Some won't respond at all, but will just research behind the scenes, a lot of people do that. And you may have one or two here and there that respond back thanking you for the information but stating that they are not interested. No worries, if they text you back that they are not interested, you can respond with:

You're very welcome. We will remove you from our contact list. Please keep our company in mind if you need to save money on dental or medical. We offer plans at $19.95 a month for the entire household. We also help people with past due hospital bills. More information at: Best of luck to you with your search for work at home!

4. Call Lead: At this point, you've prepped your leads with an email and a text, now it's time to call them and go over their questions and ask them to join your team. 

Sending your leads an email and a text is great and will help you get more enrollments on your phone calls, but just treat the emails and texts as an extra to prep your lead. The most important thing is to Call your leads! Once you send out the email and text, start calling your leads the next day. You can find phone scripts on step six of the training site at under the "Fast Track - 30 Days" section and also on Focal Point. The only thing you need to change in working a purchased lead is instead of saying "I received your request for an interview", say "I received your request for information about working at home." Then continue on with the script. 

We recommend to call each lead three times. Once a day, three days in a row. If you don't reach them, just bless and release and keep moving forward with new leads.

While making your calls, it's very normal to reach a lot of voice mails. When you reach a voice mail, you can leave a message like:

Hi Mary, my name is __________ with AmeriPlan. I received your request for information about working with our company. 

Please look out for an email that I just sent you with the details. 

A little about our company... AmeriPlan has been in business since 1992. We have an A+ BBB rating and we have helped thousands of people earn part-time and full-time income at home. I am interviewing today and tomorrow.  

You can reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Again, my name is ___________ at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I look forward to your call Mary. 

5. Follow-up:  With prospecting, there will be a lot of people that don't enroll on the spot but will come back to you later when they are ready. So you need a follow-up system in place to keep in touch with that lead and keep them posted about all things AmeriPlan over the next few months. So once you have a full conversation with a lead, you can add them into your Focal Point system in the "Follow up - IBO" folder. This is only for people you have given all the information to. Make sure to verify their email address before you add them to your Focal Point system.

And that's it, five simple steps to working purchased leads!  Order, email, text, call, follow-up... super simple!

Email Templates to send to Free and Purchased leads

Email #1:

Subject Line: BBB Recommended work at home - Two positions available 

We are currently interviewing people TODAY to fill at home positions. 

AmeriPlan is recommended by and has an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau. CLICK HERE to see for yourself.
To request an interview today, visit ENTER YOUR FAHT SITE HERE. We will be conducting interviews all week.

We currently have two positions available. When working with AmeriPlan, you are able to work one or both positions. Many of us enjoy working both positions.

1st Position: Training Specialist 

We are looking for people that will take pride in helping others work for our company. If you have an upbeat personality and like to help people, you will have tremendous success with our company. All you need is your computer and your phone to get started. Every month, millions of people are searching online/offline to find real, legitimate, work at home. Now you can help them find that, all while making an amazing income, from the comfort of your home. We will train you, step by step, on how to master this position. 

The Freedom at Home Team is committed in giving everyone an opportunity to get a great start. We will train you how to build this business as we have a training website that will teach you everything you need to know to get your business up and running, we have our very own private team Facebook Group as well as daily training calls that you may call into at your convenience. We are a team that is dedicated to your success and today is the best time to get started with our team. 

We have many people from all walks of life on our team. We have stay at home moms, dads, students, grandparents, teachers and entrepreneurs. These people were also looking for work at home, just like you are now. Many of them were frustrated and almost gave up until they found us. 

2nd Position: Membership Specialist 

AmeriPlan® has identified some major concerns among Americans in our country today with regards to a lack of decent healthcare and a rising cost of living; and we are passionate about providing affordable solutions that will help people save money on their healthcare!

As a Membership Specialist you can help people save money on their healthcare by enrolling them in one of the memberships we offer. This too, is a very rewarding position. Without you, millions of people wouldn't know about the wonderful programs AmeriPlan® offers. AmeriPlan® has saved millions of members hundreds of millions of dollars since 1992. You will be helping others save hundreds and thousands of dollars on the rising cost of healthcare. You will make a difference in someone's quality of life. 

We will train you on how to help people save money with these memberships. The people you help save money will be your members. Because our company has such a high retention rate with our members, you keep getting paid month after month, year after year as long as they maintain their membership. 

The market potential for our memberships is huge. We have been established since 1992 and we have not even penetrated 1% of the market potential in any major city in the United States.  

There is NO telemarketing or Cold Calling required with our company. 

To request an interview, visit ENTER YOUR FAHT SITE HERE.

Contact me anytime at YOUR PHONE NUMBER HERE

Thank you, 



Email #2:

Subject Line: AmeriPlan is seeking homeworkers!

We are currently interviewing people TODAY to work at home!  To Request an Interview, please visit ENTER YOUR FAHT SITE HERE

We provide free training through the internet or through telephone conferences. We help you start making money at home immediately. 

We invest time and money on you so please, only people that are willing to work 10 hours a week or more need to inquire. 

About our company: 

  • We have an "A+" Rating with the Better Business Bureau 
  • We were recently featured on Good Morning America

What We Offer:

  • Compensated daily and Residual Income 
  • Bonuses 
  • Live Support & Training website (100% from home) 
  • Health, Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic plan for our entire household. 
  • Company websites that are maintained by Ameriplan. 
  • Car Program

How We Get Paid:

We offer two positions that are available immediately. Once you work for Ameriplan, you can choose to work with both positions, or simply work one. The choice is up to you.

1st Position: Training Specialist/Recruiter - We are looking for people that will take pride in helping others work for our company. If you have an upbeat personality and like to help people, you will have tremendous success with our company. All you need is your computer and your phone to work.

2nd Position: Benefits Specialist - We are looking for people that want to help people save money. Without you, millions of people wouldn't know about the wonderful benefits Ameriplan offers. You will be helping others save hundreds and thousands of dollars on the rising cost of health, dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic benefits. You will make a difference in someone's quality of life. Our benefits are very affordable. People save up to 80% on our services. 

There is NO telemarketing and NO cold calling involved with our company.

To Request an Interview, please visit ENTER YOUR FAHT SITE HERE

Thank you,

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